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We offer low cost flat rate shipping domestically and internationally. We ship with large companies with huge supply chain capabilities to offer you lower shipping prices, especially with larger size items (such as our dryer). Tracking information will be provided for your convenience.

All our products come with a standard warranty, and we always make every effort possible to take care of our valued customers as best we could. You may view our frequently asked questions page for more information on warranty, shipping, or returns. Any personal information provided to us during checkout is safe and secure with us, and we will never sell, spam, or share your information.

Our products are electric and use a 110/120V outlet (normal outlet type in USA, Canada, Mexico, etc.). For some countries (such as Europe, Australia, etc.), you may need a 110/120V to 220/240V adapter, which can easily be purchased anywhere, such as an electronics store. Please check here to see what the electrical voltage range is for your country.