Nothing could be more convenient, effective, and simpler than this.


We engineer all of our products for simplicity and utility. You'll find that they are extremely easy to assemble and use. Just set it up, put your clothes inside, and let it run! Our dryer operates at roughly 60° C, meaning it will provide you with the benefits of traditional hang drying, such as less shrinking, no color bleeding and fading, no lint, and longer lasting clothes!

1. Pop any of the 3 legs into any of the 3 holes on the bottom of the motor.

2. Screw on the bottom supporting tube and then insert the waterproof plate so that it is touching the motor unit.

3. Use the supporting tube connector to connect the top supporting tube. Then pop the six arm top rack on top.

4. Put the external cover over, load your clothes inside, zip it up then let it dry your clothes!

Please scroll down and watch as our dryer assembles.