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    Tidalpool Portable Dryer with UV Lamp

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  • The versatile Tidalpool Portable Dryer with UV Lamp is the revolutionary way to reap the benefits of hang dried clothes without the hassle or wait.
    Never deal with tumble dryers wrinkling and wearing down the fibers of your clothes.

    Never wait hours and hours for your clothes to finish hang drying.

    And never use potentially contaminated laundry appliances at your public laundromat, ever again.

    Our portable dryer is hang drying on steroids, drying your clothes using powerful yet gentle warm air and giving you all the benefits that go along with it. Your clothes will not only last longer but look better as well. Place your clothes inside, zip it up, then watch as they come out less wrinkled and in better condition than if you were to put them inside a regular tumble dryer!

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    Full Warranty Extension

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  • Extend our comprehensive 18 month full warranty to a 36 month full warranty by purchasing this extension. You will receive an warranty email confirmation once your purchase has been made.

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Our product is electric and uses a 110/120V outlet (normal outlet type in USA, Canada, Mexico, etc...). For some countries (such as Europe, Australia, etc...), you may need a 110/120V to 220/240V adapter. Please check here to see what the electrical voltage range is for your country.