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The Difference Between Detergent Clean and UV Clean

Washing your clothes with detergent or soap will surely remove dirt and stains, but it usually isn’t enough to get rid of all the bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold spores in your laundry items. For that you’re going to need some really extreme temperatures and possibly even some bleach. What’s more, many people trust detergents that claim to have anti-bacterial agents. But truth be told, those detergents don’t always get rid of all the bacteria and germs on your clothes as they claim! After rigorously cleaning your clothes with antibacterial laundry soap, you may still run the risk of not having cleaned your clothes thoroughly enough. There could even be germs left over from the previous wash, surviving inside a laundry appliance such as your dryer and reinfecting some of your clothes!


Although a majority of bacteria will be wiped out by antibacterial laundry soap, if you want to keep your family’s clothing as free as possible from germs, you’ll need something more. Something that will make sure that you have truly clean clothes, without damaging your clothes like some detergents do and without irritating your skin. Something like Tidalpool’s Portable Clothes Dryer with UV Lamp, which works as a perfect complement and even substitute for your antibacterial laundry soap. It’s made to protect clothing from odor and allergy-causing bacteria, in addition to destroying other undesirable germs that can survive in your washer and dryer. It’s extremely versatile, drying your clothes like they would be dried on a clothesline, except much faster. It even sanitizes them as well without causing damage to your clothes using it’s revolutionary germicidal UV-C technology!


A germicidal UV-C lamp treats the bacteria that live in your clothes so you won’t have to worry about anything. It’s much better than regular washing with detergent, which isn’t enough to remove infection-causing bacteria. In fact, ordinary washing machines alone can certainly even spread the bacteria! Complementing your traditional washing cycle with a Tidalpool Dryer will certainly eliminate nearly all the filthy and tenacious bacteria that stick to your laundry items. Germicidal UV light is not only perfect for safely sanitizing clothes, but it also replaces the need for sharing filthy public laundry appliances with strangers! Gross.


So next time you think your clothes are clean, think again – especially about the difference between clean and really clean. Because disgusting germs and bacteria are microscopic and invisible to the naked eye, you won’t know if your clothes are contaminated, and one of the worst things to experience is getting sick from doing laundry at a public laundromat. And just keep in mind although detergents may claim to sanitize their clothes, the job isn’t always truly done right.


A peaceful warning for you, my friend. And if you’re not going the UV sanitation way and instead are going to choose to use lots of detergent, then don’t put too much as some of it may stay behind on your clothes, not giving you that full clean you wanted.