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The end of hang drying.

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Our dryer does so much more than just dry your clothes.

Our portable dryer gives you all the benefits of hang drying WITHOUT drying your clothes the outdated and primitive way! No more waiting hours upon hours for your clothes to dry, and no more worrying about bugs, rain, or unevenly dried clothes! Your clothes will last much longer and look much better because they aren’t dried in a traditional tumble dryer, which will wrinkle your clothes and wear them down.

Normal washers and dryers are actually very filthy and potentially full of bacteria, germs, and fecal matter. Can you imagine being at a laundromat and washing your clothes in a machine contaminated with other people’s poop? That’s why each of our dryers have a built-in germicidal UV-C lamp that activates automatically to truly clean your clothes before you wear them. Our dryer is lightweight to assemble and disassemble with ease and it takes up much less space than a normal dryer.

No more old school hang drying. No more abusive tumble drying. No more living in the past. With our portable dryer, you’ll have cleaner, fresh, and longer lasting clothes… anytime, anywhere!

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Product Information

Tidalpool's powerful and portable electric clothes dryer uses a 12V DC brushless fan and a 1200W heating element to gently dry your clothes anywhere with ease. A germicidal UV-C lamp briefly activates automatically at the end of your cycle to safely and truly clean your clothes before you wear them.

Rated Power: 1200W

Overheat Protection Thermal Cutoff Temperature: 75° Celsius

Rated Voltage: 110 - 120V

Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Loading Weight Capacity: 10 Kg / 22 Lb

Timer: 0 - 180 Minutes (right) or Automatic (left)

Diameter: 24.5" (assembled) up to 25.6" (fully inflated)

Dryer Weight: 8.3 lb

Our product comes with an 18 month full warranty on all manufacturer defects. This does not include improper handling and usage, or items lost over time.

All purchases will include a free gift travel bag inside (while supplies last)!

Always Easy To Use.

Nothing could be more convenient, effective, and simpler than this.

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We engineer all of our products for simplicity and utility. You'll find that they are extremely easy to assemble and use. Just set it up, put your clothes inside, and let it run! Our dryer operates at roughly 60° C, meaning it will provide you with the benefits of traditional hang drying, such as less shrinking, no color bleeding and fading, no lint, and longer lasting clothes!

1. Pop any of the 3 legs into any of the 3 holes on the bottom of the motor.

2. Screw on the bottom supporting tube and then insert the waterproof plate so that it is touching the motor unit.

3. Use the supporting tube connector to connect the top supporting tube. Then pop the six arm top rack on top.

4. Put the external cover over, load your clothes inside, zip it up then let it dry your clothes!

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Superhero laundry solutions.

Our mission is to create happier families because the most memorable days end with the most dirtiest clothes.

Laundry done better.

We’re your family friendly laundry superheroes and our goal is to make your life a little better by modernizing laundry. We create, design, and produce cutting edge products that assist you with your laundry.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, we’re passionate about making your life better and will stop at nothing to ensure that we improve how everybody does their laundry!


Our approach is our vision.

The first thing to accomplish as laundry superheroes is to to eradicate the evil of outdoor hang drying. We're also standing up to dirty laundromats and evil appliances that steal too much of your precious space! Our flagship product is the world's first portable dryer with UV cleansing technology, also the most powerful and top performing portable dryer currently available on the market.

We're always working to earn the trust of our customers by delivering results with our exceptional products. Our innovative values and approach give us a significant advantage over all competitors in our space.


High Quality Product.

Our quality is unparalled in this industry. We engineer our products for long lasting dependability and reliability.

Superior Technology.

Our technology is always top of the line. We never stop thinking of ways to improve our products, and we always keep tabs on all our competitors.

Customer Centric.

We provide top notch support to all our customers, and they the center of our activities. All our products are also guaranteed by warranty.

Unbounded Innovation.

Our mission is to create new products and innovate on existing ones. Our desire to make more convenient technologies is what pushes us forward.


We are family. Family takes care of each other.

Our business is about innovation and customer relationships. A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. And all our satisfied customers are partners in our mission to modernize laundry and bring convenience to families.

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We always go the extra mile for our customers in order to stand out from the competition. We only have one boss, and that's you!


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